Electrician’s Helper will take the hassle out of looking up electrical codes
and doing complex calculations for installations.

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With Electrician’s Helper you can . . .

Calculate voltage, current and power in 3 phase delta and wye circuits.

Find the ampacity of a conductor as per the NEC and CEC tables.

Calculate the voltage drop in a line based on length, size, current and temperature.

Find the total box fill by entering the size and number of conductors, straps and clamps.

Find the maximum number of conductors allowed in a particular size raceway based on NEC and CEC rules.

Determine what size raceway is needed for a bundle of conductors.

Find the maximum bend radius of a conduit.

Find the maximum capacitor kvar for a motor and the current reduction obtained.

Find the motor current, heater current, breaker required, wire size, starter and conduit size for a particular 3 phase motor.

Find the full load current of an induction, squirrel cage, and synchronous motor .

Calculate voltage, current and kVA values for single and three phase transformers.

Find the locked rotor current of a single or 3 phase motor.

Do basic Ohm’s law calculations.

Find decimal equivalents of fractions.

Convert temperature scales.

Look up connector configurations.

Calculate wire pull tension limit.

Electrician’s Helper now supports French language. (iPhone only)

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Electrician’s Helper is also available for Android powered devices. Click to go to Android Market
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*There is a known issue with running Electrician's Helper on Android Lollipop OS in that a 'License check stopped working' message will pop-up.
You can disregard the message and the app will run as normal.

French language available on the iPhone version only.

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